6 Budget-Friendly Small Space Storage Ideas

Sometimes, a tight squeeze actually gives you room to grow. When you live in a small space,
you learn to prioritize. You learn how to live with less and how to flex your creative thinking
muscles — especially when it comes to organization.

Small spaces can feel cluttered more quickly, which is why having a strong organization
strategy can help your home feel more open. Organizing your small space doesn’t require
breaking the bank either, especially if you are smart about your small living space. Here are six
storage ideas that will work in any space and on any budget.


Are a great way to keep clutter off floors and surfaces. Take your organization a step
further by creating themes for each basket. You can even purchase containers with dry erase or
chalkboard labels so can keep the themes straight. Stores like Crate and Barrel may seem out
of your price range, but they frequently offer coupons and cashback opportunities to help you
spend less money on organizing your space.


You’ve heard the saying “a place for everything and everything in its place,” but let’s try
replacing the word “place” with “space.” Create zones in your home and separate spaces
specifically for designated activities — even if they are in the same room. This will help you stay
organized in both the way a room looks and how it is used. For example, if you have one main
living area, you can use a couch or two affordable chairs to break it up into a sitting area on one
side and a child’s play area on the other. To help fit these types of additions into your budget, be
sure to check out websites that offer coupons and online discounts to help you fit these
additions into your budget.


Your closets are prime real estate in a small space. Keeping them organized will help you find
items easier, put things away quicker and stay organized year round. A good way to start is by
installing an organization system, which can even add to your decor. Places like Bed, Bath &
Beyond are great resources for closet organization. Plus, with promos and cash back rewards
you can outfit your closets without spending a fortune.

Get creative with your small space. Instead of large, bulky bookshelves, install one shelf just
below the ceiling and around the perimeter of a room. Use the 12 inches of space just below
your ceiling to store books. If you have radiator heat, build shelves or storage around the
radiator to make sure there isn’t any unused space in the home. Use wall-mounted lights
instead of floor or table lamps to clear up coveted space.

Furniture Storage
Give your furniture a multipurpose meaning by combining sitting space and storage space. You
can purchase items, such as a bed frame, that come with extra storage or create the space
yourself. For example, you can store winter clothes in long, low boxes that easily slide under a
raised couch. If you have stairs, make sure the area under the stairs is put to good use. You can
install drawers, shelves, or cube storage in that underused — and underappreciated — space.

Illusion of Space
While not exactly a storage strategy, you can create the illusion of more space by making a few
simple decor decisions. Start by hanging your window treatments as high as you can, even if
that is much higher than the top of the window. Add large mirrors to rooms to make the space
feel longer and wider. Use neutral paint colors (keep an eye out for sales to help keep the cost
low) on the walls to create a sense of openness and expansiveness. When you put thought into
both storage and decor, you create a small space with big possibilities.
Smart storage in small spaces means you have to find a balance between creating clutter-free
open areas and organized storage. Focus on ease of use and accessibility so that your storage

ideas work well for your family and your lifestyle. It’s also a good idea to combine storage and
decor when you can so that every space is meaningful — both in form and function.